Information on the Russian Migration Card

Under the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 413 dated August 16, 2004, “On Migration Card”, a foreign citizen entering the Russian Federation must obtain and fill out a Migration Card and present it to an immigration officer. If the information provided in a Migration Card is accurate and corresponds to the passport and visa details, the immigration officer will stamp the Migration Card indicating entry to the Russian Federation.

Migration Card forms are provided to foreign nationals entering the Russian Federation free of charge by border control officers or representatives of organizations providing transport services to foreigners visiting Russia.

Foreign nationals must keep the Migration Card during the entire period of their stay in the Russian Federation and present it along with other documents in order to be registered at the place of their stay in Russia.

In the event of damage to or loss of a Migration Card, a foreign national must notify the Division of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs nearest to their place of stay within 3 days. Once the foreign national submits the documents that were used to enter Russia, they will receive a replacement Migration Card without any extra fee.

When leaving Russia, a foreign national must return the Migration Card to an immigration officer at the checkpoint of the Russian state border.